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Page Name Team Donation Total  
Long Ride Donations $303.60 AUD
Liz n Nev $190.50 AUD
Les Briggs $206.00 AUD
Long way to Tasmania $0.00 AUD
Linda & Heather 48 hrs $2,084.29 AUD
Team RDH Operational
[Long ride 2017 for prostate cancer ]
join this team $255.70 AUD
Lynne $0.00 AUD
ADFA Motorcycle and 4WD $153.00 AUD
Luke $0.00 AUD
Clayton $0.00 AUD
Andees PCFA 2017 Long Ride $214.80 AUD
Team Albatross
[Team Wagga]
join this team $0.00 AUD
CBA WM Grillage People BBQ $3,680.00 AUD
Curtis $0.00 AUD
Daphne $151.30 AUD
Adam $106.00 AUD
Patrick $206.25 AUD
RAAF Richmond & Glenbrook
join this team $10.30 AUD
Rodney $41.20 AUD