Setting up your everydayhero supporter page:


Go to the Create a team button on the main campaign page, this will then prompt you to either sign in or sign up to everyday hero and create your account.

Once signed in, you can choose your page name, this will be your individual page, then click create supporter page

 You then have 2 options when it comes to teams and these are both displayed on the right hand side of your page – either join an existing team or create a new team that others can join as well.

You can then update your own personal supporter page with your photo and story letting others know why you’re raising money in support of PCFA.


How to donate:

You can either donate directly to the overall campaign using the Donate Now button on the main campaign page


If you would like to donate to a particular team, search for their page on the support a team tab, once on their page, simply use the ‘donate now’ button on their page to make your donation.


Thank you for your support!

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