Chris was just 61 years of age when he lost his life to prostate cancer. And now, his son James and grandson Oliver have more than double the chance of getting prostate cancer due to their family history.

It’s one thing to know your life is going to end too soon but also knowing your son and grandson are at increased risk, explains why Chris became a passionate advocate for prostate cancer research.

For the sake of all fathers, husbands and sons please donate today so one day prostate cancer won’t take the lives of the men we love.

Thanks to advancements in research, Chris lived with prostate cancer for eight years. He was able to hold on long enough to walk his daughter Elizabeth down the aisle. It was such a joyful day for them all.

Chris was also lucky enough to meet his grandson, Oliver, but missed the birth of two more little grandsons.

He passed away two years ago - just three days before Christmas. This time of year is still difficult for his wife Gaye and the whole family. 

Prostate cancer kills more men than breast cancer kills women and too many men like Chris are dying too soon.

Without research, prostate cancer will remain a death sentence for many men in their prime.

Research gave Chris a longer life but sadly couldn’t save it. There is so much still to do and the time to act is now. Please help today.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families, recognising the diversity of the Australian community.

We do this by:
• Promoting and funding world leading, innovative research into prostate cancer
• Implementing awareness and advocacy campaigns and education programs for the Australian Community, health professionals and Government
• Supporting men and their families affected by prostate cancer through evidence-based information and resources, support groups and Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses.

PCFA relies on the generosity of individuals, the community and partnerships to carry out our essential work. Thank you for your support.

For more information, contact PCFA on free call 1800 220 099, or visit

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